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Clinical Assessment Process

1. ONLINE HEALTH QUESTIONNAIRES AND NUTRITIONAL METABOLIC ASSESSMENT (undertaken prior to the doctors initial appointment):

NEMQ requires completion and e mailing back of all the New Patient health questionnaires so that this information is available for review prior to your initial Doctor's consultation. The information from the New Patient questionnaires will be summarised to ensure that you will gain maximum benefit and improved outcomes from the initial Doctor’s consultation at NEMQ.

- Comprehensive Nutritional and Metabolic Analysis (Nutricheck): 

Nutricheck is a detailed online analytical questionnaire to accurately assess your Nutritional and Metabolic status (Minerals, Vitamins, Accessory Nutrient status, Brain Neurotransmitter profile - these affect mood and motivation, Blood Sugar regulation, Digestion, Immune function, Liver Detoxification, and Allergy status).


  1. Comprehensive Health and Nutritional History
  2. Environmental Toxin Exposure History
  3. Symptom Screening
  4. Specific Allergy, Adrenal, Mental Health,Thyroid, Hormonal Imbalance, Heavy Metal Symptom Questionnaires
  5. Comprehensive Physical Examination
  6. Appropriate Pathology Investigations that may include: Routine blood tests; Micronutrient deficiencies (vitamins, minerals, amino acids, fatty acids); Environmental toxins (heavy metals, pesticides, food allergy / sensitivities, food chemicals); Functional testing of the Gut and Liver; Antioxidant Status; Salivary / Urinary / and  Blood Hormonal Levels (cortisol, oestrogen, testosterone, DHEAS, thyroid ), Organic Acid Analysis to check efficiency of metabolic pathways, GeneticProfiling, Cognitive functioning  etc

3. MANAGEMENT PLAN that may include:

  1. Lifestyle Advice (diet, exercise, stress management)
  2. Specific Biochemical support (high quality toxin free oral / iv vitamins, minerals, essential amino acids, fatty acids, accessory nutrients, and herbs) based on a careful analysis of micronutrient status. Sometimes the specific Nutrients required for your health condition (esp Mental Health Issues) will be compounded by a Pharmacy to ensure you receive the specific nutrient combination at the right dose for your weight)
  3. Enhancement of Gut (digestion, absorption, excretion, immunity) and Liver (detoxification) functions
  4. Elimination of Chronic Infections
  5. Desensitisation of Allergies
  6. Excretion of Environmental Toxins (oral or iv chelation / detoxification)
  7. Correction of Hormonal Imbalance
  8. Support of Methylation pathways
  9. Optimisation of Oral Health (
  10. Healthy thinking and Behavioural change strategies.


Fequently asked questions:

  1. Do I need a referral from my GP?
    A. No

  2. Why do some Pathology tests cost money?
    A. There are specific rules for which pathology tests are covered by Medicare. The pathology tests not covered by Medicare will be direct billed to you by the Pathology Provider. Specialised functional testing and Genetic testing may be required to discover the root cause of your illness and these are not covered by Medicare. 

  3. Can I get a copy of my results?
    A. You will be provided with a written summary of all of your abnormal pathology results and a management  action plan. Unfortunately due to the large volume of tests that are done, we do not currently have the administration staff to photocopy all of the original results. Providing this service would require employing additional clerical staff and a subsequent increase in fees. Currently we are trying to keep fees as low as practically possible. If another Doctor requires your results the Doctor can obtain these directly from the Pathology Provider (QML, S&N, Healthscope etc).

  4. If specific Nutrients and /or Herbs are recommended how long should I stay on these?
    A. You will be advised at the initial review how long you should stay on Nutrients prescribed. Some will be for the short term, others such as Omega 3 Fish Oil may be recommended indefinitely provided that there are no contraindications. Remember that it takes a minimum of 4-6 weeks to see the full impact of micronutritional supplementation.

  5. Do I have to take the brand of Nutrients recommended to me?
    A. No, although it is recommended. There can be an enormous quality difference between different brands of the same Nutrient. NEMQ Health Practitioners spend considerable time researching and sourcing Nutrients best suited for your specific health issues. This is based on quality, cost-effectiveness, absorption, experience and low allergenic potential. 

  6. Will the doctor prepare a travel letter?
    A. Yes. Please provide a list of nutrients and medications that you will be travelling with, including your dates of travel. Please email this information to: Reception will be in contact regarding the administration fee.

  7. What is the appointment cancellation policy?
    A. Due to the busy nature of our clinic, and the extended waiting list for appointments, we require 48 hours’ notice for all cancellations or re-scheduling (at least 2 business days). Cancellations within 48 hours will result in a 50% cancellation fee. This is to avoid losing any potentially available time slots that could have been offered to patients on our waiting list, and for the time that the Doctor has set aside to see you. Cancellations of less than 48 hours are often too short notice for other patients to be able to attend the appointment and essentially creates a heavier administration load for our staff to contact patients on the waiting list.

    We can appreciate that in some instances appointment dates and times may be mixed up or forgotten, and that more urgent matters sometimes arise preventing you from being able to attend. For this reason, we are happy to waive this 50% fee as long as you reschedule the appointment within 14 days.

  8. Telephone consultations - do I call the clinic or will the practitioner contact me?
    A. Please call through to the clinic on (07) 3831 5111 at the time of your scheduled phone appointment. Note that telephone consultations do not attract a Medicare Rebate

  9. Does NEMQ provide IV nutrient therapy?
    A. Yes, where appropriate. However this will require an NEMQ initial assessment to determine if this is suitable.