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NEMQ's Approach


NEMQ's philosophical approach to health care is to address the fundamental question of why you have become sick and what is required to fully restore and optimise your health. In our opinion it is both sensible and more effective to address the underlying cause of illness rather than simply treating the symptoms of ill health (akin to adding new software to a malfunctioning computer when the problem exists in the hard drive). The intended outcome of this approach is a measurable and sustainable improvement in ones mental, emotional, and physical health.   

Nutritional and Environmental health assessment and intervention are central to good health care. Preventative Health activities in contemporary Medical Practice focus on the macro level - genetics (family history), age, gender, smoking, alcohol, exercise and macronutrition (calories, unhealthy fats). These are important of course, but without addressing Micronutritional, Environmental, Allergy, Detoxification, Hormonal Imbalance, and Stress factors these activities will have limited impact on the chronic disease burden faced by Western Countries.  

Simply focusing on the Macro will not achieve optimal health and vitality. A useful analogy is the expectation of top performance from your motor vehicle by only ensuring there is air in the tyres, petrol and oil topped up and cleaning it once per month. Unless the oil and petrol filters are cleaned regularly (detoxification), paintwork protected from the harmful effects of UV light and pollution (anti oxidant protection), the engine tuned (micronutrient deficiency corrected), the brakes checked and wheels balanced (mind and body medicine, adequate rest and recovery), the car will struggle to perform optimally. Petrol, oil, air and occasional cleaning are clearly important things but on their own will not achieve optimal performance (health) and resilience (resistance to disease). Nutritional and Environmental interventions integrated with the macro approach are essential in the pursuit of optimal health, vitality, and resistance to the development of chronic disease.

Underlying this holistic health promoting approach of NEM is the importance to address unhelpful / irrational beliefs about health.  "A caterpillar does not become a butterfly overnight" is a relevant quote. Effective behaviour change requires a period of time and a step by step process to adapt to a new way of living. Most people require support, a collaborative therapeutic alliance, and an appropriate program. Few people can just 'do it' without active support.