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“A holistic approach that aims to promote sustainable recovery and health optimisation by targeting the underlying causes of illness”


Patients we treat

Nutritional and Environmental Medicine Qld (NEMQ) applies evidence based Nutritional and Environmental interventions to manage many chronic illnesses including: 

  • Anxiety, Depression, Psychosis
  • Autoimmune Conditions
  • Behavioural and Learning disorders in children, ASD, ADHD etc
  • Cancer
  • Chemical and Food sensitivities
  • Chronic Fatigue
  • Digestive Disorders (including IBS, Colitis, Parasite infection, Food Intolerances etc)
  • Environmental Toxicities
  • Fibromyalgia

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Our clinic

NEMQ and NDDQ (New Directions Dentistry Qld) relocated to this purpose designed Clinic in 2011.

Great care has been taken to combine an environmentally friendly clinic with state of the art technology to support the provision of high quality Nutritional, Environmental, and General Dental services to our patients.

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NEMQ's approach

Our Health Practitioners work on the basis that it is both sensible and more effective to address the underlying cause of illness rather than simply treating the symptoms of ill health (akin to adding new software to a malfunctioning computer when the problem exists in the hard drive - unless the hard drive is fixed the computer malfunctioning can be expected to continue). The intended outcome of this approach is a measurable and sustainable improvement in ones mental, emotional and physical health. Integrating Nutritional and Environmental interventions with conventional Medical management of illness produces excellent results.

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The Ketogenic Diet and its Application to Managing Chronic Disease
Posted on 29 Mar 2018
Nutrigenomics: Genetic DNA Testing for Health
Posted on 15 Dec 2017

Nutrigenomics is a fascinating field of medicine that studies the relationship between our individual genes and their interaction with nutrients and our environment. Knowledge of your unique genomic profile is essential to personalized healthcare, particularly when trying to pinpoint the right diet and nutritional advice based on your predisposition to various diseases.

The Genomic Wellness test involves a non-invasive saliva sample to screen over 100 DNA changes. Your results will include gene variants and your risk for developing certain diseases and affected processes. 

Cancer and Polyphenols
Posted on 10 Oct 2016
We have long known that diets rich in plant foods including fruits, vegetables, herbs and whole-grains are important for good health and in particular, for preventing a range of chronic and degenerative diseases such as cancer, diabetes, neuro-degenerative and cardiovascular diseases (AIHW, 2012). The question many researchers have been trying to work out is exactly why are these foods so good for us and what is it that makes them such powerhouses when it comes to the prevention and treatment of chronic diseases.