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  “Personalised Integrative Health Care”

NEMQ applies the principles of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine to identify and target
the key drivers of illness and disease to best support the recovery and optimisation of your Health.
The NEMQ team comprises Specialist Integrative Physicians (Specialist GPs with formal NEM training and qualifications), Dentists,
Nutritionists, Dieticians, and Psychologists all focused on delivering you the best possible health outcomes.


Patients we treat

NEMQ applies evidence based Integrative Nutritional and Environmental Clinical assessment and interventions to manage many chronic illnesses including: 

  • Anxiety, Depression, Psychosis including Schizophrenia
  • Autoimmune Conditions (including thyroid, ulcerative colitis and crohns disease, rheumatoid arthritis etc)
  • Behavioural and Learning disorders in children, ASD, ADHD etc
  • Cancer
  • Chemical and Food sensitivities
  • Chronic Fatigue / Chronic Infection
  • Digestive Disorders (including IBS, Colitis, Parasite infection, Food Intolerances etc)
  • Environmental Toxicities
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Women's health / Hormonal issues etc

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NEMQ Philosophy

The NEMQ team of Integrative Health Practitioners work on the basis that it is both sensible and more effective to address the underlying drivers of illness rather than simply treating illness symptoms (akin to adding new software to a malfunctioning computer when the problem exists in the hard drive - unless the hard drive is fixed the computer malfunctioning can be expected to continue). The intended outcome of this approach is a measurable and sustainable improvement in your mental, emotional and physical health. Integrating Nutritional and Environmental interventions with conventional Medical management of illness produces excellent results.

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Our clinic

NEMQ and NDDQ (New Directions Dentistry Qld) relocated to this purpose designed Clinic in 2011.

Great care has been taken to combine an environmentally friendly clinic with state of the art technology to support the provision of high quality Integrative Health services to our patients.

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The Ketogenic Diet and its Application to Managing Chronic Disease

As the burden on our health system continues to grow, due to the ever-increasing rates of obesity and chronic disease, finding effective non-invasive solutions to treating and/or preventing these issues has never been more pertinent. As diet and lifestyle are key risk factors for many chronic conditions currently plaguing our society, it is only natural that...

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Nutrigenomics: Genetic DNA Testing for Health

Nutrigenomics is a fascinating field of medicine that studies the relationship between our individual genes and their interaction with nutrients and our environment. Knowledge of your unique genomic profile is essential to personalised healthcare, particularly when trying to pinpoint the right diet and nutritional advice based on your...

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